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I’m pretty mad that I have to do this since I absolutely suck at commissions but I need them moneyz. 

I am horrible when it comes to timing and I will only offer sketches because I can make them pretty quickly and I don’t stress myself. They are something like this: image

Let us keep things like this: 

$8 for one character
$12 for two
$15 for porn 
*USD and paypal only. 

I’ll draw pretty much any character, though I obviously prefer ones I’m familiar with (YGO, Naruto, Halo, SNK, etc), Oh yes, no furries and nothing involving mechas (wish I could draw them ;<)

And you pay me after I finish because I know myself. I show you the preview, you pay and I send the HQ file. The file is yours and you do as you please. 

Send me an email to, I rarely get private messages so please send the email if interested. 

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On Sasuke Uchiha


Chapter 662 is the first chapter to come out in a long while that I feel is exceptionally well written and, to be honest, it’s mostly thanks to this scene:


I can’t even begin to say how important this one segment is for understanding who Sasuke truly is at his core. Being deceived, used and…

10/10 rant

And this is precisely why Itachi was the only one capable of changing Sasuke. He gave him hope with his last words and actions, something no one else could have done. This is exactly the scenario I always wanted because it feels natural. Itachi simply accepts the truth and tells Sasuke that he loves him no matter what, that he is capable of amazing things without him interfering in any way; Sauce is now building his new goals based on understanding and self-confidence instead of hatred and revenge. 

Now he is building his ideals because they are his. He wanted the truth, information, he questioned himself and now he wants to change things without anyone telling him what path to follow. 
Sure, Itachi’s influence is there (as always), but he is not dictating anymore, Sauce is simply getting inspiration from his brother’s actions because he loves him.

And that makes all the difference in the world. 

Naruto is suited to walk and help new!Sasuke with this transition (ex. not going berserk on tailed beasts), but he was never meant to make him change the perception of who he is because that was Itachi’s task as big bro, as his strongest bond. 

Now all we need is for Sauce to reach his own conclusions about everything without questioning what would Itachi do. 

I want to to believe.   

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Someone suggested some “Itachi comes back thanks to magicalJesusSage!Naruto” scenario and I totally HHHNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG’d

I’m sure Itachi would be all pissed off at first because he doesn’t deserve to be alive (HHHNNGGGG itsnotyourfaultdammitno), but I’m also certain Sasuke would go insane with happiness and hug him and they would both cry and smile and yesplz ASSPULL THIS KISHIMOTO.
or not because that would be super bad writing but my feels. 

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I can’t believe it. My feelings for them came back with such force… my babies. 
I still cry everytime I rewatch the anime. I suck. I can’t help it, I invested around 7 years of my life to the bromance. PERFECT FUCKING CHARACTERS. CAN’T TOUCH THIS.  

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Shippuden 339

… I cried so much. I can’t believe myself but I actually baw’d super hard. The voice acting was A+++ and I’m surprised the animation was fine. 

10/10 would sob horribly again. 

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Ryu Hayabusa. 
Ryu fucking Hayabusa, seriously man… when I obsess over you it is insane. Stop being perfect. 

I happened to browse his tag like 3 days ago and OHSHITSNAPNO—! My eyes feasted on this outfit (which I obviously twisted to my fantasies) and his LONG PERFECT HAIR IS BACK FFFUUU— now I only play Ninja Gaiden and furiously kill everyone.

Pretty much I consider this the pinnacle of what I’m able to achieve when it comes to art. I’m just a fanartist and I don’t plan to be anything else and thankfully this man right here slashed his way into the horrible artist’s block that’s been torturing me all year and allowed me to reach a level I thought impossible with just 1 default brush and 100 layers. I still remember the frustration I felt with my first tablet C: 

Btw, I can’t get private messages and I just noticed it, so… I don’t know send me fanmail or something to communicate? I am not precisely a tumblr boss to figure this out D: 

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I don’t even have ships when it comes to SNK but Eruri makes me want to draw porn everywhere. Have a shitty sketch after looking at all the amazing pictures this fandom possess.

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I don’t know why everyone has so many “feels” for this manga. I actually appreciate a lot how the author kills everyone with no hesitation since, you know, usually that happens. It’s such a nice change from Naruto, where everyone has plot shield. 

Levi > everyone else. Specially since he is voiced by fucking Hiroshi Kamiya, who voices the god that is Tieria Erde… and he uses a cravat, like Ribbons. I can’t fucking cope with the amazing husbando material. 

Also, yes, I’ve been absent for months and months and I have drawn the amazing amount of 6 fanarts this entire time, but things are fucking epic around here. I’ll rant on life later. 

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Look, I drew very shitty smut… or something like that.